The Importance Of Keeping Your Teeth Clean

If asked you a question, how many times have you heard the phrase brush twice a day and floss at least once per day? You would probably have loss count and if you were paid ten dollars for each time you would probably be millionaire by now. That a fact but ever wondered why? Well, clean teeth are not important just so you can have white teeth and a beautiful but it is also important for your overall health.

Look at your social life. When it comes to appearance having a pretty or attractive face is kind of important. When you smile or laugh your teeth creates an important play in being attractive. Just imagine you having dirty and yellow teeth. You can laugh and smile no doubt but other will be taking the impression that you do not have good hygiene practice. This is something no one will want to have. If we lose our teeth, our bones surrounding the teeth will reduce meaning that you face will lose its shape. This why toothless people have a lower facial height due to the fact that their bones have been absorbed. Contact your nearest dental clinic or a known dentist to keep yourself from the above happening. We all like food and to eat and to do this we can’t do without chewing the food. Without teeth we won’t be able to break the food down from big to small pieces so that it will be easy to digest. If you have loose teeth it will be really difficult to chew. Plaque may surround your teeth if not brush properly and gingival inflammation will come to be and may lead to a disease called periodontal. What happens in this situation is that your teeth will become lose and fall.

Ever seen people so eloquent in their speeches? If you want to do so as well you need to good teeth or else it will be difficult to pronounce certain words such as T, F, D and V. If you really think I am bluffing have you noticed old people or people who are toothless finding it hard to pronounce certain words properly? Having teeth but it being yellow will not alter your pronunciation but it will lead to tooth loss and that will make you bad at pronouncing.Thus, to sum it all up I would like to just one thing and that is brush twice a day and floss at least once per day. Not matter how many times it is being told, it is just the best way to avoid all the trouble.